zaterdag 26 september 2020

FLAC - Paul McCartney & Wings "Wings at the Speed of Sound Sessions" - 4CD

  Paul McCartney and Wings

Wings At The Speed Of Sound Sessions



Let'Em In (Demo)

Let'Em In (Promotional Version Mono)

Let'Em In (Promo Edit Stereo)

Let'Em In (Promo Edit Mono)

Let'Em In (Unreleased 1978 DCC Master Mix)

The Note You Never Wrote (Basic Track, No Horns)

She's My Baby (Demo)

She's My Baby (Take 1)

She's My Baby (Rough Mix Full Take)

Beware My Love (Take 1 Partial Backing Track

Beware My Love (Take 2 Complete Backing Track)

Beware My Love (Unknown Take With Vocals)

Beware My Love (Alternate Take)

Beware My Love (45" Single Edit)

Wino Junko (Rough Mix, Alternate Early Take()

Time To Hide (Instrumental Basic Track)


Silly Love Songs (Demo)

Silly Love Songs (Rough Mix)

Silly Love Songs (Basic Track)

Silly Love Songs (Piano + Horns Overdubs Final Mix)

Silly Love Songs 9Orchestra + Strings And Horns + Linda's Vocals Overdub Final Mix)

Silly Love Songs (Promo Edit - Stereo)

Silly Love Songs (Promo Edit - Mono)

Silly Love Songs (Unreleased 1978 DCC Master Mix)

Must Do Something About It (Take 1 (Paul On Vocals)

Must Do Something About It Take 2 (Paul On Vocals)

Warm And Beautiful (Demo)

Pedal Steel Guitar Message To Joe

Let 'Em In (October 1975 Tour Rehearsal)

Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Silly Love Songs (Soundcheck)


Let 'Em In

Time To Hide

Silly Love Songs

Beware My Love

Segment 1 - She's My Baby

Segment 2 - Silly Love Songs

Segment 3

Segment 4 - Time To Hide

Segment 5

San Ferry Ann - Segment 1

Time To Hide - Segment 2

Cook Of The House - Segment 3

Silly Love Songs - Segment 4

Intro - Let 'Em In

Interview - Wino Junko

Cook Of The House - Interview

Beware My Love

Interview - Silly Love Songs


Let 'Em In (Special Remix)

Let 'Em In (Different Gear Remix)

Let 'Em In (Wingin' It Mix)

Silly Love Song (Artful Dodger Mix)

Silly Love Song (Loop Da Loop Main Mix)

Silly Love Song (Loop Da Loop Radio Mix)

Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Radio Edit)

Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Extended Mix)

Let 'Em In/Inside Thing (Lulu Mix 2002)

Let 'Em In (Chris Holmes Mix 2013)

Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2010)

Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2011-2012)

Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2013-2015)


01 - Let'Em In (Demo).flac:906208dff69113b08c825eb3fcfe9b5c

02 - Let'Em In (Promotional Version Mono).flac:c2fe877d1768fccf955183f8e5d0fe2d

03 - Let'Em In (Promo Edit Stereo).flac:9e3087fb572d726862798422baae0d49

04 - Let'Em In (Promo Edit Mono).flac:e7776affdd38f86d03e178f749dff95f

05 - Let'Em In (Unreleased 1978 DCC Master Mix).flac:98ad0b35fc7d222d06cb4b25b94b6d60

06 - The Note You Never Wrote (Basic Track, No Horns).flac:d4b8c9467f53dc00a2ded58246410952

07 - She's My Baby (Demo).flac:8bbfee5939eba2deb96c2df0543a89d3

08 - She's My Baby (Take 1).flac:a7b4568a737c1613d296dcf0ede78ab6

09 - She's My Baby (Rough Mix Full Take).flac:7d2fb3d535ffc4102ecf9a9474322ca1

10 - Beware My Love (Take 1 Partial Backing Track.flac:206bb8915e6ec2694c9104a1e3395f3a

11 - Beware My Love (Take 2 Complete Backing Track).flac:245ab4a8a6f6b7f03eb72d33b5314610

12 - Beware My Love (Unknown Take With Vocals).flac:b938aeceb62744986fa7c809fdba99cd

13 - Beware My Love (Alternate Take).flac:53e53253f9793a9fdad8e10aefda027e

14 - Beware My Love (45 Single Edit).flac:c187777d226d637b35a61e2685eb315d

15 - Wino Junko (Rough Mix, Alternate Early Take().flac:6f86fca409e7b988e9e3d5496708ccb8

16 - Time To Hide (Instrumental Basic Track).flac:3a77cf453a90fb39d3dcb0542f225b3e

01 - Silly Love Songs (Demo).flac:6da8efe4ee90119c4c795b4b0a9bef46

02 - Silly Love Songs (Rough Mix).flac:ba71bc12a64f31fec3dae15b3b9c7f4e

03 - Silly Love Songs (Basic Track).flac:6c95c6bee0cfe81dc14470890275a5df

04 - Silly Love Songs (Piano + Horns Overdubs Final Mix).flac:5bbee8e40b8651818137e5ecc4e2a647

05 - Silly Love Songs 9Orchestra + Strings And Horns + Linda's Vocals Overdub Final Mix).flac:a09ce309969f163970f5361064839eb8

06 - Silly Love Songs (Promo Edit - Stereo).flac:5001854aeab97884f30b68a9738dcacb

07 - Silly Love Songs (Promo Edit - Mono).flac:f4b47b554875af9789fa7f796e7ec7d2

08 - Silly Love Songs (Unreleased 1978 DCC Master Mix).flac:ead4a6aa3babe1236d7a9e0e87e21acf

09 - Must Do Something About It (Take 1 (Paul On Vocals).flac:f94bb4e2c284eb13267e4aa6e8ad987a

10 - Must Do Something About It Take 2 (Paul On Vocals).flac:1679e86fbc60a6546d8e26699c95411b

11 - Warm And Beautiful (Demo).flac:1620d9630cf1ba169c0927f4366d6aeb

12 - Pedal Steel Guitar Message To Joe.flac:36a700b1d99942f518f7db3b20b1b495

13 - Let 'Em In (October 1975 Tour Rehearsal).flac:3aadd573c282593b0fd42bc2224b3fa4

14 - Wings At The Speed Of Sound.flac:7618723907f3151e095092429e5392e9

15 - Silly Love Songs (Soundcheck).flac:a0f4577e7b305b46cbbd42d682a92999

01 - Let 'Em In.flac:4033b6e9973ecc01e76c6113c1ed2642

02 - Time To Hide.flac:765b3e4e824da2ba263e324bf2e61244

03 - Silly Love Songs.flac:0fbc6338fe41cd358f23dba5f3c9df2d

04 - Beware My Love.flac:8b733aa2838799678c78ad337f40e509

05 - Segment 1 - She's My Baby.flac:cbdecac5f9d0033fd57473631f304697

06 - Segment 2 - Silly Love Songs.flac:3918721004eb4d0a7d5d1714167a2c61

07 - Segment 3.flac:a5fe4ee2e0e96ee48245e6f7cfd7b3d6

08 - Segment 4 - Time To Hide.flac:b69fa825b5cdba5edc409c8f6b1cc896

09 - Segment 5.flac:bdea42b6b5f3b27cdce743ec51fd75c3

10 - San Ferry Ann - Segment 1.flac:4774254a5d7cdbf8102b735f7291a0c3

11 - Time To Hide - Segment 2.flac:404a8bea78207526c21e2c368eb9d76a

12 - Cook Of The House - Segment 3.flac:62f8517d5ce37de4ffc01fd7ad915ffe

13 - Silly Love Songs - Segment 4.flac:c7683775bb88b0920b92daa78ca45536

14 - Intro - Let 'Em In.flac:3e036de9bd395f6804cee1f5e174f31b

15 - Interview - Wino Junko.flac:e660c6bbd6a7adffa139290fdd296991

16 - Cook Of The House - Interview.flac:265e8d7b67a2152f3bbef88fa6a07c02

17 - Beware My Love.flac:777ffc5f3d8ddace58abeb4586f057db

18 - Interview - Silly Love Songs.flac:e8145ebce1c7fbd53b8f4d85ffdbfb58

01 - Let 'Em In (Special Remix).flac:4018a0288be7b077a814b8b6e5fa8787

02 - Let 'Em In (Different Gear Remix).flac:3025db2b97a5377bee7db508c1206498

03 - Let 'Em In (Wingin' It Mix).flac:7de8713b9089f8946d49f42bb76b8578

04 - Silly Love Song (Artful Dodger Mix).flac:7158154d042caff94356e53cd087d2e3

05 - Silly Love Song (Loop Da Loop Main Mix).flac:4c46ddb9c74a49db4618bbc41dffa087

06 - Silly Love Song (Loop Da Loop Radio Mix).flac:6ae2ed55e0b1d2802672242844446648

07 - Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Radio Edit).flac:58c065be3a571d1a7543f64f516a9fa5

08 - Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Extended Mix).flac:2ab3de1112dfa3572646c5e6fe8db890

09 - Let 'Em InInside Thing (Lulu Mix 2002).flac:d0a628fcfdf24e442b4fcd8bbcb0795e

10 - Let 'Em In (Chris Holmes Mix 2013).flac:9479ded2b041c440936b0d23ccf634e0

11 - Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2010).flac:be7edc12509adece7f21acd5bbea7276

12 - Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2011-2012).flac:872da74862b1782a096b29e1679106b0

13 - Silly Love Songs (Chris Holmes Mix 2013-2015).flac:c8a969e7a1b49042c32718a11671ea7a

Download part 1 here

Download part 2 here


dinsdag 22 september 2020

FLAC - John Lennon "The Alternate Double Fantasy" - 2CD

  John Lennon - The Alternate Double Fantasy (Pear PDP 038)

Lineage: SilverCDs--> EAC(secure)--> Flac--> HungerCity!

Track listing:

Disc 1

The Alternate Album - Studio Sessions

01 (Just Like) Starting Over

02 Cleanup Time

03 I'm Losing You

04 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

05 Watching The Wheels

06 Woman

07 Dear Yoko

08 I'm Stepping Out

09 I Don't Wanna Face It

10 Nobody Told Me

11 Borrowed Time

12 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess

13 Grow Old With Me

The Alternates - Studio Sessions

14 Maggie Mae

15 (Just Like) Starting Over

16 Cleanup Time

17 I'm Losing You

18 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

19 I'm The Walrus / Watching The Wheels

20 Woman

21 Woman

22 Dear Yoko

23 Nobody Told Me

24 It's Now Or Never

Disc 2

The Alternate Album - Home Demos

01 (Just Like) Starting Over

02 Cleanup Time

03 Stranger's Room (I'm Losing You)

04 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

05 Watching The Wheels

06 Woman

07 Dear Yoko

08 I'm Stepping Out

09 I Don't Wanna Face It

10 Nobody Told Me

11 Borrowed Time

The Alternates - Home Demos

12 I Watch Your Face

13 My Life

14 Don't Be Crazy

15 The Worst Is Over

16 I'm Losing You

17 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

18 I'm Crazy

19 Emotional Wreck

20 Watching The Wheels

21 I'm Stepping Out

22 I Don't Wanna Face It

23 Borrowed Time


cd 1\Track No01.flac:70bcc5993e2939e55130843a3e60f17d

cd 1\Track No02.flac:7339f9fb0032e309cbd62c82b8972dad

cd 1\Track No03.flac:9b2b090d6a4feec293daacb388b1fbf7

cd 1\Track No04.flac:f61d54efb589b220c42d5bf10a883545

cd 1\Track No05.flac:52305436c14bec262ed980c95ab4009b

cd 1\Track No06.flac:8a141dda83b371814d5ab603aeebcd75

cd 1\Track No07.flac:5be94dd016075f8df24abbcc729be57f

cd 1\Track No08.flac:0c65ad425cd78a8270ee0a2cd395ef60

cd 1\Track No09.flac:5b98134ee35407eb211656c0bbc51345

cd 1\Track No10.flac:7333b0f133e12d5b9d08f3da79663c65

cd 1\Track No11.flac:1fa20c517accaa5569df098159884425

cd 1\Track No12.flac:d2b61483f8422e21ed3b1202b3016712

cd 1\Track No13.flac:911b41edb7bfabec98035a00faed6a82

cd 1\Track No14.flac:f879c27d58052cad03897403a672130e

cd 1\Track No15.flac:8883b95a4d9184fce0bf11fbb6fa78fb

cd 1\Track No16.flac:9ed41f0454c93674258dfb1e251b7d06

cd 1\Track No17.flac:13f9eeaf3d4bfb7081f0b3fae0164a4e

cd 1\Track No18.flac:e743aaa5deb3130f315891ec9ec95dff

cd 1\Track No19.flac:ddfcb2bcb3c44b5399cd0ef88beff7ad

cd 1\Track No20.flac:88f63d25291bfe348ec369487b9b9e8f

cd 1\Track No21.flac:174d7e12a45ab3b00e4a6e821f5d817e

cd 1\Track No22.flac:c5633fbd1fe123fba229f4bbfa784697

cd 1\Track No23.flac:e79ba13e75ab32a4a578693631d09a13

cd 1\Track No24.flac:111a113421204dc4a0a22e02668e5c58

cd 2\Track No01.flac:739250edda78ff4cbb4cb473f8949af1

cd 2\Track No02.flac:80bd2fd665db8a2e2ff15288c5016e0e

cd 2\Track No03.flac:365d17c83aa24ee3ea595deb4ae4be9a

cd 2\Track No04.flac:e88e1c89ab232ea94a732ef7bebd2774

cd 2\Track No05.flac:ca7b34f1eea2f52b3d7219af39a2ac71

cd 2\Track No06.flac:f862f6003fe475fb4785506f6d68b2ed

cd 2\Track No07.flac:b93b94ab0f70bad56514f27ec1926ec6

cd 2\Track No08.flac:5333ae2fb0c6b8afa0b2322de050d70e

cd 2\Track No09.flac:cc8689e1ec03df5d6a810adb12620861

cd 2\Track No10.flac:ebaf176d9ee3356aa96d1b3063f39d33

cd 2\Track No11.flac:9a3e4dd181093035cc356586feb8b1af

cd 2\Track No12.flac:d909895820b8c37ec8d9a8d8c3afc6f4

cd 2\Track No13.flac:05fcd2fe4623d91226f710ed74228bda

cd 2\Track No14.flac:eb8d9d6b7e688134a55c7a55b3b1537c

cd 2\Track No15.flac:f7759df55fca55fcbe6886456cec7339

cd 2\Track No16.flac:f54a0fef88c0f9e64578f2ac396a40ad

cd 2\Track No17.flac:c4491a6b9890d651525da76e6fd070b5

cd 2\Track No18.flac:916dfa00da42dfd5812d8d0e6c2f8e58

cd 2\Track No19.flac:38877a3fe23db2f57b4582570d7ca0ef

cd 2\Track No20.flac:1a71828b0008a5e50bd05613aa1ac266

cd 2\Track No21.flac:1932a74bec1ba8e3784a6e8eb74300ce

cd 2\Track No22.flac:f5f6dc9ae58eaf060cd6fed81b95c51c

cd 2\Track No23.flac:87a89b87f74a0ccf4de6fc6cef1d142f

Download this bootleg here


zaterdag 15 augustus 2020

FLAC - Ringo Starr live in Atlanta 1992 - 2CD - June 7

Ringo Starr All Starr Band
Chastain Park Amphitheater
Atlanta, GA

Source: FOB Schoeps (see note) > Oade pre-amp > DAT(s)
Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > Tascam DA-3000
Master: Wavelab 9.5 (tracking, fades +5dB level adjustments) > FLAC 1648

Thanks to David Gans for the DAT and to Charlie Miller for the transfer.

01. I'm the Greatest
02. No No Song
03. No Time (w/ Burton Cummings)
04. Girls Talk (w/ Dave Edmunds)
05. Look At Us Now (w/ Joe Walsh)
06. I Can't Tell You Why (w/ Timothy B. Schmit)
07. Shine Silently (w/ Nils Lofgren)
08. Bang The Drum All Day (w/ Todd Rundgren)
09. Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go
10. Yellow Submarine

Intermission / solo performances

11. Dream of a Child (w/ Burton Cummings)
12. Believe (Nils Lofgren Solo)
13. Keep On Tryin' (w/ Timothy B. Schmit)
14. Wiggle (w/ Tim Cappello)
15. Black Maria (w/ Todd Rundgren)
16. In The City (w/ Joe Walsh)
17. band intros
18. You're Sixteen
19. Weight of the World
20. Walkin' Nerve
21. I Hear You Knocking (w/ Dave Edmunds)
22. American Woman (w/ Burton Cummings)
23. Photograph

24. Act Naturally
25. With a Little Help From My Friends

Ringo Starr: drums, percussion, cowbell, vocals
Joe Walsh (James Gang, Barnstorm, Eagles and The Best): guitar, keyboards, talk box, bass drum, vocals
Nils Lofgren (Crazy Horse and E Street Band): guitar, keyboards, accordion, vocals
Todd Rundgren (Nazz, Utopia and The New Cars): guitar, keyboards, drums, tambourine, vocals
Dave Edmunds (Rockpile and Love Sculpture) : guitar, vocals
Timothy B. Schmit (Coral Reefer Band, Poco and Eagles) : bass, guitar, vocals
Burton Cummings (The Deverons, The Guess Who) : keyboards, guitar, tambourine, harmonica, flute, vocals
Timmy Cappello: saxophone, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Zak Starkey: drums

The DAT can't be found at the moment, but the transfer file was marked "oade" which likely means Schoeps mics into an Oade pre-amp.

This is a super-clear recording and sounds like a SBD with some ambient crowd noise mixed in. Therefore, almost certainly FOB. In fact, listening casually, you might think it's a SBD feed that pics up the audience in the stage mics. What gives it away is the drums, which are a little too "airy" to have been mic'd and professionally mixed. YMMV, but whatever you conclude, it's a great recording.

Early Beatles fans were closing in on 50 in 1992, and this is a weird combination of rock concert and Vegas lounge act. Have you ever been to a rock concert and heard the lyrics "As the years go by and we grow old...." (Photograph)? Or, "When I was a boy I dreamed of Philip Marlowe" (Dream of a Child)? I have not. And how to reconcile Joe Walsh's campaign campaign promise that cops will wear their underwear on the outside with the No No Song (gosh darn that fiendish marijuana)? I dunno.


--mhg :: 2020-08-12


rstarr1992-06-07t01_I'm The Greatest.flac:b0e913a5546d0f71d100247edff5dfee
rstarr1992-06-07t02_No No Song.flac:5457eda08f028aa1dc25ab3409f6e596
rstarr1992-06-07t03_No Time.flac:7101ab7b12df99f7b36a97dfad97790a
rstarr1992-06-07t04_Girls Talk.flac:09e8f0ec6bbf514de3c213dc3ab19a9c
rstarr1992-06-07t05_Look At Us Now.flac:46d19dd4a780ea01cc71516916b32102
rstarr1992-06-07t06_I Can't Tell You Why.flac:515849192a581010f762944cf0d65cee
rstarr1992-06-07t07_Shine Silently.flac:40b0db362cf03e860fd3f7f168bfb421
rstarr1992-06-07t08_Bang The Drum All Day.flac:18838f383b604a4139c0a3e75868f421
rstarr1992-06-07t09_Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go.flac:345e32ca50803f6175dce647833d2766
rstarr1992-06-07t10_Yellow Submarine.flac:614cf5adfd785a93cb5010d0ebb7a46c
rstarr1992-06-07t11_Dream of a Child.flac:65d6fea6c780802e232c30e125923db4
rstarr1992-06-07t13_Keep On Tryin'.flac:dda2ef14a27a863458db72fd48ca3681
rstarr1992-06-07t15_Black Maria.flac:f6faff3af3da9bce907349d1920ce0e8
rstarr1992-06-07t16_In The City.flac:4015a98620204be3723bec8a068814ac
rstarr1992-06-07t17_band intros.flac:7f3942911a8d2678bb22da1a0002baec
rstarr1992-06-07t18_You're Sixteen.flac:e1f9db55d617073ea1f0e733dd924219
rstarr1992-06-07t19_Weight Of The World.flac:3a21c2ebe8b451dcd4126599514e9f9c
rstarr1992-06-07t20_Walkin' Nerve.flac:9263e7cbb7cc9304c3ce047734a6aef3
rstarr1992-06-07t21_I Hear You Knocking.flac:a581b16536027cb144bbe927924de11b
rstarr1992-06-07t22_American Woman.flac:99073df364b56685a918ce9e745a180f
rstarr1992-06-07t24_Act Naturally.flac:e500ef2eec8e1428d08f9b6a398d638d
rstarr1992-06-07t25_With A Little Help From My Friends.flac:0bba0dccbfc48bc9461905007e89d4bf

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - The Beatles "The Forgotten Abbey Road Sessions" - 2CD

Artist: The Beatles
Title: The Forgotten Abbey Road Sessions (2CD)
Label: Forgotten Records 2010 (1/2)
Numbers of CDs: 2
Quality: Lossless FLAC

SILVER CD > FLAC (by Purple Chick) > AIF > Pro Tools LE > EDITED AIF > FLAC > YOU!

These tracks are not available on ANY OTHER Abbey Road Sessions compilation! This is the first time these songs have been released together!

The ‘Get Back’ Sessions are remembered as a fractious time in the history of the Fab 4, and as the sessions which ultimately spawned the ‘Let It Be’ Album.
However, amongst almost 100 hours of Nagra Rolls, the seeds were also sown for the famous ‘Abbey Road’ Album.
This album is Part 1 in a Collection of the best forgotten ‘Abbey Road’ Album Sessions, recorded in Twickenham & Apple Studios in January 1969.
Edited from the lossless Complete A/B Road Set, for the very first time this sets pieces together the finest takes of these songs that would ultimately become ‘Abbey Road.’

This set contains none of the 'flab' that many of the 'Get Back' Sessions includes, it has been carefully 'Reworked' and Edited from the Complete A/B Road Collection to include only the best takes of the tracks that became Abbey Road. No board announcements, etc, just the best of JPGR!

Track Listing:
1-4 'Something' Sessions
5-15 'Oh! Darling' Sessions

1-4 'Octopus' Garden' Sessions
5-7 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)' Sessions
8 'Sun King' Session
9-11 'Mean Mr. Mustard' Sessions
12 'Polythene Pam' Session
12-15 'Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight' Sessions
16 'Her Majesty' Session

iTunes Info: A Tracklisting for boths CDs is now on iTunes. Rip this to you iPod (by Apple Lossless) and the tracks will automatically appear!

EQ Info: I would advise using a Vocal Boost EQ for optimum listening.
I did not want to EQ the tracks myself, different people have different taste!


01-Something - Apple Session 1 (28:01:69) DDSI.28.69.flac:72079b2f4f72a4c2fb7997363557371d
02-Something - Apple Session 2 (28:01:69) DDSI.28.71.flac:f7bacc02ef8820409a5fb520257a3333
03-Something - Apple Session 3 (28:01:69) DDSI.28.72.flac:93988082edb57a9ec791439fc4ca9e1d
04-Something - Apple Session 4 (28:01:69) DDSI.29.23.flac:696dc99f7be23435eb726cbce4ea733a
05-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 1 (06:01:69) DDSI.6.01.flac:552a169524a6dd573728cef5e46f2971
06-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 2 (07:01:69) DDSI.7.52.flac:948f007efca1f645838f9dbc9f5cbd98
07-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 3 (07:01:69) DDSI.7.70.flac:d04e9981a13192b7495d6cfafe36c632
08-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 4 (08:01:69) DDSI.8.80.flac:490c78a9e93960a89caea823feeb198d
09-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 5 (09:01:69) DDSI.9.15.flac:a5367c220847aac32c4ea9e331d3c579
10-Oh! Darling - Twickenham Session 6 (14:01:69) DDSI.14.49.flac:5157007c945ac1e7f42e5fe91bf1efa4
11-Oh! Darling - Apple Session 1 (23:01:69) DDSI.23.40.flac:0f248a000b5560441995639cf68297a4
12-Oh! Darling - Apple Session 2 (23:01:69) DDSI.23.41.flac:65a0143f0df096683324b05073eb7179
13-Oh! Darling - Apple Session 3 (27:01:69) DDSI.27.56.flac:7aed79b96a6471aaf2d32302035859f3
14-Oh! Darling - Apple Session 4 (27:01:69) DDSI.27.62.flac:f69bf719885c0579f88ec01becbc3755
15-Oh! Darling - Apple Session 5 (31:01:69) DDSI.31.61a:b.flac:f28322bc710693dc56fc47ba9ca7d0ff
01-Octopus' Garden - Apple Session 1 (26_01_69) DDSI.26.05.flac:39b3f89e5256fd800a64dc7c75a530c2
02-Octopus' Garden - Apple Session 2 (26_01_69) DDSI.26.06.flac:7419514696e16f983621750391510592
03-Octopus' Garden - Apple Session 3 (26_01_69) DDSI.26.07.flac:a1fd17fc79aa87fd45f91988577f90d3
04-Octopus' Garden - Apple Session 4 (26_01_69) DDSI.26.08.flac:40126c7d4fc926f7146ee19cece236d0
05-I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Apple Session 1 (28_01_69) DDSI.28.64.flac:87b210dd104afd403ab702f47acfc2a8
06-I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Apple Session 2 (28_01_69) DDSI.28.65.flac:73172ef20a16d244f404ec8f43879f9a
07-I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Apple Session 3 (31_01_69) DDSI.31.41.flac:cfaddb9fc21e76fc472c5393c9baccb5
08-Sun King - Twickenham Session 1 (02_01_69) DDSI.2.59.flac:febf7007c1cd9f63fda247c4b7142b0d
09-Mean Mr. Mustard - Twickenham Session 1 (08_01_69) DDSI.8.38.flac:d4620f4cb50bc0e4e220d4740bf972ad
10-Mean Mr. Mustard : Madman - Twickenham Session 2 (14_01_69) DDSI.14.32.flac:9c4115e4b2da25964a7402aaa5a1dbd9
11-Mean Mr. Mustard - Apple Session (25_01_69) DDSI.25.65.flac:691914a45884704501840a7ea4e4424a
12-Polythene Pam - Apple Session (24_01_69) DDSI.24.44.flac:44f301a0bc154c11f5c47893ea61ecaf
13-Golden Slumbers - Twickenham Session 1 (07_01_69) DDSI.7.02.flac:3abfcb50b5a3efd45424ae34220ae30d
14-Golden Slumbers - Twickenham Session 2 (09_01_69) DDSI.9.10.flac:61e3dd63a2035cd935d9e021a629e988
15-Carry That Weight- Twickenham Session (09_01_69) DDSI.9.11.flac:fbab0869fdf81848670605bd727fb709
16-Her Majesty - Apple Session (24_01_69) DDSI.24.58.flac:0322ff17bad12cfd9a77cbf3ac81bd33

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FLAC - John Lennon "Listen To This" - 3CD - remaster

John Lennon - Listen To This (1974) Flac [3cd]
The Ultimate Walls & Bridges Boxset
Various Dates & Locations
Mostly Excellent Studio Quality (Except Some Of The Demos)
(Vigotone VT-175/176/177)
Artwork Included

Hi Lennon gang,

I wanted to fix this one for a long time. I did level and phase correction to all tracks, and pitch correction where needed. In the end i did new EQ

Remastered by Captain Acid, July 2020

Disc One

01.Steel And Glass
02.Going Down On Love
03.Move Over Ms L
04.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
05.Beef Jerky
07.Old Dirt Road
08.Bless You
09.Whatever Gets You Through The Night
10.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)

11.Move Over Ms L #1
12.Bless You
13.Beef Jerky
14.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #1
15.What You Got
16.Move Over Ms L #2
17.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #2
18.Goodnight Vienna (Demo With Ringo Starr)
19.Under The Influence

Disc Two

01.Bless You
02.Move Over Ms L
04.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
05.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
06.Going Down On Love
07.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down & Out)
08.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night / Executive Privilege
09.What You Got #1
10.What You Got #2
11.What You Got #3
12.Old Dirt Road #1
13.Steel And Glass #1

14.#9 Dream
15.Old Dirt Road #2
16.Steel And Glass #2
17.Walls & Bridges (TV Commercial)
18.Walls & Bridges (Radio Spot)
19.Ringo Starr's Goodnight Vienna (Radio Spot)

Disc Three

01.#9 Dream
02.#9 Dream
03.Move Over Ms L #1
04.Move Over Ms L #2
05.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #1
06.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #2
07.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #3
08.What You Got #1
09.What You Got #2
10.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) #1
11.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) #2
12.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)
13.Going Down On Love #1
14.Going Down On Love #2
15.Going Down On Love #3
16.Going Down On Love #4
17.Steel And Glass
18.Improvisations / The Boat Song

The sessions featured the following musicians:

John Lennon - Vocals and Guitar
Elton John - Lead Vocal
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jesse Ed Davis - Guitar
Eddie Mottau - Acoustic Guitar
Ken Ascher - Keyboards
Nicky Hopkins - Piano
Klaus Voorman - Bass
Arthur Jenkins - Percussion

Horns by - The Little Big Horns
(Bobby Keys, Steve Madaio, Howard Johnson, Ron Aprea, Frank Vicari)

Backing vocals by - The 44th Street Fairies
(May Pang, Lori Burton, Joey Dambra and John Lennon)

SOURCE: Various
LINEAGE: silver bootleg CD-R > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > HungerCity

Box Back Text:

These ought to get you through the night!* Enclosed are over three and a half hours of uncommonly superb studio offerings and historically significant home recordings. As the good doctor himself once said, "PLAY LOUD!" You'll be glad you did.

Liner Notes:
Listen To This Text.
HERE WE GO, we're not referring to the John Lennon song of that name, but this, the next exciting chapter from the Lennon archives. Walls And Bridges was the 1974 result of John's latter "lost weekend" period, somewhat repeating the successful formula of solo outings that he and his former mates had been busy with the previous year. Although unbeknownst at the time, this album provided several "lasts" in John's career...his last Number One hit single (his first as a solo artist) and album prior to his death, his last true concert performance (his 1974 Thanksgiving Day appearance with Elton John as a result of the pair's offhand wager), and his last true solo effort of original material.
Having started to clean up his act during the production of Harry Nilsson's Pussycats LP earlier in the year, John began the process of assembling his own album. Somewhat unusual was the lack of availability of older material to draw from, having used up most of his left-over songs from the political days on Mind Games, and the songs that he contributed to the Pussycats and Goodnight Vienna albums. Thus, Lennon found himself in "craftsman" mode, having to come up with material to order, although not without influences from his L.A. days and new "Pangs" of conscience. Not to say that it didn't result in some fine music; it certainly did. But it also led to perhaps the most commercial sounding album he would produce.
After assembling classic solo Beatle sidemen Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman and Jesse Ed Davis in the studio, John conducted rehearsals of most of the songs that would eventually appear on Walls And Bridges. Some of these rehearsals would later be released on 1986's Menlove Avenue in remixed and edited form. The complete and unedited tapes from the mid-July session appear here. The sparseness of the line-up, especially in the "harder" numbers, almost give us a "Plastic Ono Band" version of the Walls And Bridges album. Following the run-throughs on disc one of* Listen To This are a handful of rough mixes and alternate takes, exhibiting the songs in a more advanced state. The finalized, commercially issued recordings also featured the talents of Nicky Hopkins (piano), Ken Ascher (piano and keyboards) and Arthur Jenkins (percussion) as well as guest appearances by Harry Nilsson (vocals), Elton John (piano and vocals) and Julian Lennon (drums). Closing disc one is the familiar studio of "Goodnight Vienna", recorded during this era, and presented here from an alternate source. Unfortunately, this recording has been subjected to what has been termed "tapus interuptus".
Listen To These Songs.
Not surprisingly, John's later recollections of many of his Walls And Bridges songs were not always to forthcoming or revealing...after all, it's a little discomforting to talk about some songs written for your girlfriend when your wife is in the room.
Going Down On Love
Definitely a "craftsman-like" number, the resulting jazz-tinged performance belies the more ballad style evident on the acoustic demos appearing on disc three. However, the following piano demo shows the change to a more straightforward approach. "This song really speaks for itself. I can't describe it" was how John put it in a radio interview on KSAN radio in San Francisco in September, 1974. And so it does.
Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Just as "Please Please Me" was originally written in a slow tempo and then speeded up to become the Beatles' first number one single, this song also benefited from a tempo change and became John's first solo number one hit. "How that record came about was that Elton John was in town and I was doing it and needed a harmony" John told Andy Peebles in his 1980 BBC interview. "He did the harmony on that and a couple more, and played beautiful piano on it, and jokingly he was telling me he was going to do this Madison Square Garden concert and he said, will you do it with me if the record's number one?* And I did not expect it to get to number one at all. I didn't think it had a chance in hell, because my, you know, I wasn't being very well received on any level then, you know, with my Kotexes and the hamburgers or whatever. And it was the first number one I had actually. "Imagine" wasn't number one. "Instant Karma" wasn't number one, which I think were all better records than "Whatever Gets You Through The Night."
Old Dirt Road
was a collaboration with Nilsson from the Pussycats era. "Just to write a song" John told Andy Peebles again in 1980. "You know, seeing as we're stuck in this bottle of vodka together, we might as well try and do something."* Nilsson would go on to release his own version of the song six years later on his U.K. only LP Flash Harry.
What You Got
One of the demos included here shows an early rockabilly approach as John works out this one out...with a few lyrics of Little Richard nicked for good measure. He tries again with softer run-through on un-amplified electric guitar, with early attempts at some lyrics dropped along the way. "That's talking about Yoko. You don't really know what you got till you lose it",* John told David Sheff for Playboy in 1980.
Bless You
" again about Yoko", said John again to Playboy. "I think Mick Jagger took 'Bless You' and turned it into 'Miss You'. Wherever you are, child on a shooting star...the engineer kept wanting me to speed that up...he said, 'This is a hit song if you'd just do it fast.'* He was right. 'Cause as 'Miss You' it turned into a hit. I like Mick's record better. I have no ill feelings about it. I think it's a great Stones track and I really love it. But I do hear that lick in it."
Undoubtedly inspired by a bout of desperation during the lost weekend, John recalled to Dennis Elsas "at the moment I was writing it that's how I felt, but now I'm quite happy thank you." * We're glad to hear it.
#9 Dream
"This song started out with the working title 'Walls And Bridges'."* John recounted to Andy Peebles "It got to about number nine actually. That's what I call craftsmanship writing, meaning I just churned that out. I'm not putting it down, it's just what it is, but I sat down and wrote it, you know, with no real inspiration based on a dream I had. But I though, I need a track. I wrote it around the string arrangement I'd written for Harry Nilsson's album I produced. 'Many Rivers To Cross', the Jimmy Cliff number I'd done this string arrangement for and it was such a nice melody on the strings. I thought this is a tune, you know, so I just wrote words to the string arrangement. That was '#9 Dream', kind of psychedelic, dreamy kind of thing."
Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
Perhaps John's most explicit ode of lust to girlfriend May Pang. John seems to express himself very emotionally at what she had done for him. And how did he remember it six years later?... "Just a piece of garbage" he said. Included here are two straight-forward demos.
Steel And Glass
One of the heavier songs of this collection and one of the nastier ones as well. It takes some obvious verbal swipes at out-of-favor former manager Allen Klein, although John was never too forthcoming on that score. "I was trying to write something nasty" * he stated, "and I don't really feel that nasty, but there's some interesting musical stuff on it...Allen Klein doesn't have an L.A. tan does he?* So it must be a combination of resentments. It's about a few people but it doesn't mean anything."* Right John, and "How Do You Sleep?" wasn't really about Paul, either.
Beef Jerky
As evident from even the first studio rehearsal session, this song seems to have been fairly well-developed even at such an early stage. "I get off on this because I don't have to hear my voice all the time" John told listeners on KSAN radio. "That was an instrumental that I had the lick. The thing is I couldn't, whenever I played the lick on the guitar, I couldn't sing it and play it at the same time, so I never got any lyrics for it, so it ended up an instrumental. And I'm rather glad of it, really."
Nobody Love You (When You're Down And Out)
Once again referring to the lost weekend John told David Sheff, "I wrote 'Nobody Love You (When You're Down And Out)' during that time. That's how I felt. It exactly expresses the whole period. For some reason, I always imagined Sinatra singing that one. I don't know why. It's kind of a Sinatraesque song, really. He would do a perfect job with it. Are you listening, Frank?* You need a song that isn't a piece of nothing. Here's one for you, the horn arrangement and everything's made for you. But don't ask me to produce it."
Ya Ya
Sadly, no alternate versions of this father-son duet have come to light. Perhaps somewhere in the Lost Julian tapes...
Move Over Ms. L
Destined for a B-side fate, this tune from these sessions addressed to the missing in action Mrs. Lennon ironically is presented here with a home demo recorded while the current flame/paramour is heard making a phone call. Ouch!* The studio rehearsal version and subsequent session take show Lennon still able to call upon his formidable rock and roll skills to turn this into a pretty slick track.
Curiously, we get a glimpse into a bit of John's personal world through some of his TV viewing choices. We have already experienced John's frustrating habit of recording over previously used tapes. In this instance, we hear a television report on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearings surrounding the impeachment of Richard Nixon recorded as the end of a tape that John was using to document a playback session (see disc 2 track 8). It seems as if he had somewhat of a passing interest in the downfall of the administration that was the cause of much of his grief at the time. These hearings began on July 24, 1974, just as post-production of the LP was starting up.
Wrapping up disc three, as promised last time around, we pick up where wee left off with a continuation of John's composing tape for "Steel And Glass". John fumbles with a repetitive chord pattern and nonsensical lyrics before improvising "The Boat Song" and running out of tape. Unfortunately, some of the home demo material on disc three is a little challenging in regards to sound quality. However, we feel that these recordings are significant enough to warrant their inclusion in this package. Rest assured, this is not the bottom of the barrel.
Listen To This Advert.
The ad campaign was called "Listen To This..." and the basic ad was simply a picture of John's eyes. There was a "Listen To This Billboard, "Listen To This Press Kit," "Listen To This T-shirt," even "Listen To This Bus."* John would embark on quite a bit of promotional activity pushing Walls And Bridges. Perhaps the two most famous plugs are his guest DJ appearances on WNEW in New York City on September 28 and the preceding day on KHJ in Los Angeles. Also notable is the brief interview by Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football on December 9, (where, ironically, the first reports of his death that many would hear would be announced nearly six years to the day later). He also appeared on the Today show, talking about his immigration status as well as the Beatles' own film history "The Long And Winding Road" (!).
In fact, he would continue right into 1975 as his appearances began to promote his next project of rock and roll oldies. Finding himself now with the formerly elusive Spector tapes from the Moldies But Oldies project begun in late 1973, Lennon proceeded to salvage what tracks he could and recruited the Wall And Bridges crew to quickly lay down some new ones to finish what would become Rock 'N' Roll which we will cover in our next adventure... You Should Be There.
Ann Orson
November 1998


01.Steel And Glass.flac:dbd0f4bb8e8c53aa15009cdc75acc5c6
02.Going Down On Love.flac:1b51928d9193ec1e469d4dd925a13804
03.Move Over Ms L.flac:abd9ad53ab44fb427f6747519ecf9daf
04.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox).flac:1372606482b568752f0ab592635d0175
05.Beef Jerky.flac:7116b118b460debb2ba35004aeee51bd
07.Old Dirt Road.flac:a33e4ee86876766c2215653884e3a01e
08.Bless You.flac:d60b593e714b6584ca09b57b5be83ffd
09.Whatever Gets You Through The Night.flac:ac95d7b6a78439140eadfbfc3e18aeaa
10.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out).flac:660024dd5afc8142df7bca7190b0da6b
11.Move Over Ms L #1.flac:8b29a196b57f6fb5a5c8680668c59417
12.Bless You.flac:faac489f30aa7d277d60e6e522947f71
13.Beef Jerky.flac:4295613697165b5873742de8adf54e87
14.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #1.flac:ab89592110e1819cb6d3097a22f3f353
15.What You Got.flac:6d60e28cbcc2e1619b5b47dcf27648b5
16.Move Over Ms L #2.flac:26bb8ba1dd1391ee0837b5c858eac391
17.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #2.flac:074efce6c1cf1c97951dec53101618f1
18.Goodnight Vienna (Demo With Ringo Starr).flac:e08fcf845ac227fc10a7624021630e1d
19.Under The Influence.flac:09dab109eadafcf9b1f9b14406887ad1

01.Bless You.flac:66a70ded6460215fbabdac769817f56a
02.Move Over Ms L.flac:9f20717b81c8872633091161f13b7f43
04.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox).flac:712a791ef3aec65fcc10a0cde312b6c3
05.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night.flac:4de7b00cb6500535a7aff6fa53098690
06.Going Down On Love.flac:d635dba7f40f228c44511e101c885ea7
07.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down & Out).flac:8b71d36075589434400bc7d8fd2c9b74
08.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night.flac:95e0ef235e05c98d5ba4ec0892f9bfcf
08a.Executive Privilege.flac:71db6bda9b875b2b9e10a91749636d69
09.What You Got #1.flac:8a0cd668a1a41a4dc1100e2ab4650717
10.What You Got #2.flac:93b2da12ab950d6d2d9df411fec8dcaf
11.What You Got #3.flac:a7159c72614b150f4582c58b18a87b9c
12.Old Dirt Road #1.flac:9ce7e1f67272d2cec79e394ac1d0cc79
13.Steel And Glass #1.flac:87782c83ee75b50ae9255d544e0c14cf
14.#9 Dream.flac:877e0dcbbbb34ba6c416280eabde1b4a
15.Old Dirt Road #2.flac:b91d0bd9471b01b25430f4399eed283a
16.Steel And Glass #2.flac:f85f8bbd481ceb90a265daeba42472c4
17.Walls & Bridges (TV Commercial).flac:145db52ea149ccf36b2249d672e4ee01
18.Walls & Bridges (Radio Spot).flac:28b7ac60fe70ca1eaffdb4919507c30b
19.Ringo Starr's Goodnight Vienna (Radio Spot).flac:2974a23d7bd25449a5e2495afd8fe948

01.#9 Dream.flac:efc9d6d062ad382b5ca978c4dcff45b3
02.#9 Dream.flac:fb94d6c8f3917cecf8268dc6b785bc12
03.Move Over Ms L #1.flac:161b90ed8d3fc9e5b9f2103108417e7e
04.Move Over Ms L #2.flac:236e1d3ffe182c7dec4f265fde952366
05.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #1.flac:75d0b80afcb12cdf39a4457e4323eeac
06.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #2.flac:8f18750a945b78582be2d95150597280
07.Whatever Gets You Through The Night #3.flac:2a8d9e80884f6c7019113ff1284b5760
08.What You Got #1.flac:93dbca69390e49ecf8a33b06106e1939
09.What You Got #2.flac:6f02bafb9909b78d733fa99ef5eee850
10.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) #1.flac:bac950c7c3b1b040b2988b0a8ac2794d
11.Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) #2.flac:c29753ff414d466a05e35dfa41aecb87
12.Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out).flac:08d6298306afc966084a5a38f39e7019
13.Going Down On Love #1.flac:ddc02b6124d2e9461e6d0a0d5b30bfa3
14.Going Down On Love #2.flac:2eee9ff406920480d7a45bdd0a029fb5
15.Going Down On Love #3.flac:3a3d2f45f568995130e31dde42855638
16.Going Down On Love #4.flac:8788d10178b6baad2235b14a025ba10a
17.Steel And Glass.flac:bd11b93f0ba2d7ba9e94ca5bf5309f24
18.Improvisations - The Boat Song.flac:883bb892789e2a2f8427928879c4930a

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Download part 2 here

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FLAC - The Beatles "The Sweetest Apples" - 1CD - unreleased & alternate 1967-1970

The Beatles
Unpublished Songs & Alternative Versions 1967-1970

The Sweetest Apples (Robber Soul Records RS-39434-ABP)
> Eac > Flac

1 Revolution (Rough Early Mix)
2 Yer Blues (Live On TV 12/11/68)
3 Not Guilty (White Album Outtake Recorded 9/9/68 (George On Vocals)
4 Lady Madonna (Early Different Version)
5 Tomorrow Never Knows (Early Mix)
6 The Bus (Unreleased Song From "The Magical Mystery Tour - Sessions)
7 Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 1)
8 Jealous Guy (Completely Different Version Of John's Later Solo Single)
9 Mucho Mongo / Mount Elgar (Unreleased Songs Recorded 1969)
10 Many Rivers To Cross (John's Version Of The Jimmy Cliff-Classic, Recorded In 1970 With Ringo On Drums)
11 How Do You Sleep? (Early Studio Live Take, John Solo)
12 Subterranean Homesick Blues (Cover Version Of The Dylan Classic)
13 The One After 909 (Completely Different Version From 1969)
14 Get Back (Rare Version Sung In German And French)
15 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Unreleased Song From The "Get Back" Sessions)
16 The Walk (From An Early Acetate Of "Get Back)
17 Two Of Us (Alternative Version, John & Paul Singing Vocal Harmonies)
18 Don't Let Me Down (Different, Slow Blues-Version)
19 Save The Last Dance For Me (Get Back Session)
20 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Never Before Released, Totally Different Outtake Version)
21 Strawberry Fields Forever (Different, Sleepy A-Capella Version)
22 Dig It (Longer, Faster And More Rhythmic Version)
23 Let It Be (Early Version In A Gospel-Mood)
24 Her Majesty (Hidden Track)


01 REVOLUTION rough early mix.flac:40e22be9511285ac16feaa6a12879be4
02 YER BLUES live on tv 11 dec. '68.flac:d8a743463ed9412b7e3616fe152bac1a
03 NOT GUILTY 9 outtake sep. '68.flac:5207ec254c48cc2bbb04620d3c36c883
04 LADY MADONNA early different version.flac:5d50e7b233083cbae5d2cf41e2aa95d6
05 TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS early mix.flac:1b93e60bc0c4d31e1020ef77e5152820
06 THE BUS unreleased song from the "magical mystery tour" sessions.flac:9dbcfb06a611dfba4840ebf516aa12c8
07 STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER first different take.flac:1912a40c303b900df542e462c612e120
08 JEALOUS GUY completely different version of john's later solo single.flac:4b9d488fb4278cd7edb7532cbea8dd44
09 Mucho Mungo-Mount Elger.flac:ffae52c07db8990e2af8ad259a78ac33
10 MANY RIVERS TO CROSS john's version of the jimmy-cliff-classic,recorded in '70 ringo on drums.flac:8e115404ae38372cdb2b330b61b5998f
11 HOW DO YOU SLEEP early studio live take, john solo.flac:af88a3b88857550a84d30dde7e2c2bab
12 SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES dylan-classic arrenged by john featuring ringo on drums.flac:174c5da6346324b5ccdb0e640315646d
13 ONE AFTER 909 completery different version from '69.flac:1a7e35ef4761a96cdc2e41a07e39e276
14 GET BACK rare version sung in german and french.flac:e456ca6ed5fe8ad985ce10dc9921b4dd
15 MAILMAN,BRING ME NO MORE BLUES unreleased song from the "get back" sessions.flac:a959c170a6ecb27ab2d98f502d7c9b55
16 THE WALK from an early acetate of "get back", nowhere else available.flac:9b17de58e0686dcc03db5ce447986396
17 TWO OF US alternate version. john & paul singing vocal harmonies.flac:2aec815c566b54e2c15355223c6dd423
18 DON'T LET ME DOWN different. slow-blues version feat. john on the majority of the vocal parts.flac:cc580ea25f93709e135ba3c5cb43ca9f
19 SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME get back-session-jam featuring uncradited guests.flac:426f3e0bb8b7aef588523bdd66451526
20 OB-LA-DI,OB-LA-DA never before released, totally different outtake-version.flac:ca23bba76e7bdefe3b0d6e9ca1519775
21 STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER different, sleeply a-capella-version.flac:9e00bd73d083462b6e1ebb9767251b05
22 DIG IT longer, faster and more rhythmic version.flac:895fc7014a4cced24da65e4282b29c57
23 LET IT BE early version in a gospel-mood.flac:30a7eb3b93f2767649f0b1d016a08d00
24 Her Majesty (Hidden Track).flac:e9d38e1260ffd081a88e8ba11bc7fb7c

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FLAC - The Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There" - 2CD - various outtakes, radio & live

The Beatles

I Saw Her Standing There (Rock Melon Music LTD. RMMCD101, released 2013)
> Eac > Flac

1. My Bonnie
2. Skinny Minnie
3. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
4. I Know Baby
5. You Are My Sunshine
6. Ready Teddy
7. The Saints
8. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
9. Let's Twist Again
10. Sweet Georgia Brown
11. Swanee River
12. Top Ten Twist
13. My Bonnie (German intro)
14. Ich Lieb' Dich So
15. Der Kiss-Me Song
16. Madison Kid
17. Let's Dance
18. Ya-Ya (parts 1 & 2)
19. Sweet Georgia Brown (new lyrics)
20. Cry for a Shadow
21. Why
22. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
23. Memphis, Tennessee
24. Please Mister Postman
25. Ask Me Why
26. Besame Mucho
27. A Picture of You
28. What'd I Say

Disc 2

1. Money (That's What I Want)
2. Till There Was You
3. To Know Her Is To Love Her
4. Take Good Care of My Baby
5. Memphis, Tennessee
6. Sure to Fall (in Love with You)
7. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
8. Love of the Loved
9. September in the Rain
10. Besame Mucho
11. Some Other Guy
12. Some Other Guy
13. Kansas City
14. Radio Interview
15. I Saw Her Standing There
16. One After 909
17. One After 909 (alternate version)
18. Catswalk
19. Catswalk (alternate version)
20. Love Me Do (original version)
21. P.S. I Love You

Disc 1

Tracks 1–21: Tony Sheridan and the Beatles
Tracks 22–24: Teenagers Turn, 7 March 1962
Tracks 25–27: Here We Go, 11 June 1962
Track 28: Cavern Club, summer 1962

Disc 2

Tracks 1–10: Decca demos, recorded 1 January 1962
Track 11: Cavern Club, 22 August 1962
Tracks 12–13: Cavern Club 5 September 1962
Track 14: first radio interview, 27 October 1962
Tracks 15–19: Cavern Club, October 1962
Track 20: recorded 4 September 1962 (Ringo Starr on drums)
Track 21: recorded 11 September 1962 (Andy White on drums)


CD1\01 - My Bonnie.flac:ff855e008dd75a7cbcd67be21c9d27dc
CD1\02 - Skinnie Minnie.flac:00bce59b914b304523233b6c358ebe4b
CD1\03 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.flac:93eb49234831a28ff784bbb487e07ac0
CD1\04 - I know Baby.flac:8036c950f1b3ce2388f370f6841a21bb
CD1\05 - You are my Sunshine.flac:58afde719956662f7bbfeaaa658d720a
CD1\06 - Ready Teddy.flac:e2192e7273aee14ad75d9c16edd0ba40
CD1\07 - The Saints.flac:7f81456db249d1f973b7cabe01c2c943
CD1\08 - Hallelujah, I Love Her So.flac:a5d6819cf0ecc0cdfb6e147587f5c3f2
CD1\09 - Let's Twist Again.flac:1dc89554a8108d15264ab6bb42f2cc27
CD1\10 - Sweet Georgia Brown.flac:2afafe3fdfe908e8097b4178e14760e5
CD1\11 - Swanee River.flac:49511d3bbb0ea62569b961fda291bab3
CD1\12 - Top Ten Twist.flac:7cbddbcafce11684d33f50a27ba59ec4
CD1\13 - My Bonnie (German Intro).flac:962c9830c766e3a145ac2ff96b13111f
CD1\14 - Ich lieb' Dich So.flac:ff28eed5292182c2752414cd7fe8c166
CD1\15 - Der Kiss-Me Song.flac:7a07bb32e4bb684334789a3a699279a9
CD1\16 - Madison Kid.flac:21598d40665b1ab65d143f5874039645
CD1\17 - Let's Dance.flac:fbdc1b80317cc5acd41e0d5f256528ff
CD1\18 - Ya Ya Part 1 & 2.flac:2a9fa21a7fa7973be4485de739236ecd
CD1\19 - Sweet Georgia Brown.flac:bbc0fd2d482956d8ef95393933a63dc1
CD1\20 - Cry for a Shadow.flac:2198e10475f5f9e28a308b5099a39d41
CD1\21 - Why.flac:ef25b011fc6d7cac30fd7c11f493c337
CD1\22 - Dream Baby.flac:3bb07d38066b7a187910a7c52785dfb2
CD1\23 - Memphis Tennessee.flac:8e3df97d848825ddfadae0e18c21db4b
CD1\24 - Please Mr Postman.flac:648f2f070875f98b8dc5faa5d842deda
CD1\25 - Ask Me Why.flac:0c1b8986bd900deaa3c7349020e0a298
CD1\26 - Besame Mucho.flac:3802cbfb8f910f5f4f65fd5e3ffe7668
CD1\27 - A Picture of You.flac:2eca53bb2a3f0bebfe88a96a57466aed
CD1\28 - What'd I Say (With Gene Vincent).flac:44608e81529bc24d64f26125959bf9f3
CD2\01 - Money (That's What I Want).flac:329d75d495cdc88fb52e73830c52b710
CD2\02 - Till There was You.flac:aed735380bc0ea54cd2a50a8a5082961
CD2\03 - To Know Her is to Love Her.flac:c29921384f3b1936d319b43900cd6498
CD2\04 - Take Good Care of My Baby.flac:bccf2712de10fd695a7079ceec22e545
CD2\05 - Memphis Tennessee.flac:01820f2e1adda104f1a8d2ecd3727b4c
CD2\06 - Sure to Fall (In Love with You).flac:b2006bc18b1d0613ae825a1d94c435f3
CD2\07 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping.flac:65ac3d4fb06814b189b50b6daf79d0ff
CD2\08 - Love of the Loved.flac:71106ab2d4815a5680ae26640d099054
CD2\09 - September in the Rain.flac:c591f268216df84afc5305120175dcb2
CD2\10 - Besame Mucho.flac:91a37abd4fc5a4290f24d5af449e87c9
CD2\11 - Some other Guy.flac:545ee22f83bc0e194cef442e25d445cc
CD2\12 - Some other Guy.flac:4f0be620491e63c64c0157b09cd6a1e3
CD2\13 - Kansas City.flac:b19f72fc5d1c32f2dc5398e1ac4313ac
CD2\14 - Radio Interview.flac:c2ca7bb28c19badde6c9475c6eafad3a
CD2\15 - I saw Her Standing There.flac:31345f8731f591352a1af0be74d5685e
CD2\16 - One after 909.flac:2974833185de9c302717bd4aed50f7d8
CD2\17 - One after 909 (Alternate Version).flac:3dc62a70589554d41c2f4f05f51bbd1b
CD2\18 - Catswalk.flac:0fc97dff2fc76394dd9943253fa9f601
CD2\19 - Catswalk (Alternate Version).flac:2ff5a52d12f2469fb72043b4134f6d8f
CD2\20 - Love Me Do (First Vesrion).flac:c177d86447441a50e89296ce953bbc66
CD2\21 - PS I Love You.flac:339928dc7a6278003b237156e28f6b16

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